Different Shades is currently an online gallery space dedicated to showcasing a variety of Black emerging artists by supporting their artistic practice with exhibition and networking opportunities. The founder of the gallery, Misha Neal, established the title Different Shades as an exploration highlighting different forms of Black expression, expanding the concept of Black art, and understanding the individual and universal concerns impacting Black people. The goal for Different Shades is to expand from an online presence and to a physical gallery after graduate school.

Purpose of Different Shades
Developer of Different Shades

Misha Neal

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Misha Neal is currently a first-year MAAAP graduate student. She went to UIC for her undergrad where she studied Art History and Museums Studies. During her time at UIC she was able to put on 2 exhibitions through her museums studies classes that gave her great insight on how exhibitions are created. Misha has had a passion for curatorial work since high school and her passion has been revamped coming to grad school; as she is gaining a better understanding of the administrative side of the art world. This has encouraged her to dream of having a management company with artists on retainer that includes a gallery space where artists can show their work, either for sale or not for sale, and put on exhibitions. In the end, Misha wants to create this creative communal space where all forms of black art are valued.