Different Shades is proud to present (1)

Opening Night: August 13th 6pm-9pm (No appoitment required)

Meet Me Where I Am goes beyond geographical location by generating ideas about who the Me is and who the I is as one navigates through the exhibition. This statement is urging a relationship based on empathy between the viewer and the artist. The purpose of the exhibition is to facilitate connections between the six artists, and by sharing their narratives with the public through their work, the exhibition transforms the viewer's experience by engaging in the topic of how the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, and age speak to the larger narrative of the Black experience. Other major themes presented by the artists include critiquing the perception of the Black body in Western culture, challenging socially constructed ideas about Black masculinity and Black femininity, confronting history as a way to inform the present, and finding opportunities to open up the space for Black Joy.